Fun On The farm In An Idyllic Setting


It's Feeding Time - Friendly Pets & Animals

Staying at Penquite Farm is also about the serious business of having fun. We have a wide range of friendly animals which love lots of attention from our guests, and there is definitely no problem with grownups joining in as well! It all starts to happen at 9'0clock every morning, and everyone can join in, or you can take the opportunity to have a quiet period while the rest of your family are feeding the animals.

There is something really special to stroke, care and feed the pets with that hands on experience which leaves them with fond and lasting memories. Any food scraps can be fed to the animals and there is a favourite for everyone to enjoy.

Mr Flopster our beautiful soft bunny that loves to be stroked. Hevery often has one ear up and the other down!!

Jaffa our male guinea pigs who are really cute and like to be stroked.

Bluebell & Violet our two female guinea pigs who love to be cuddled and very often have their babies to look after.

 Jerry our minature pygmy goat who are cheeky and cute and wait to be fed everyday.

Alfie & Archie  our two beautiful Alpacas that are getting to know the rest of the family.

Jake & Milo our two ponies; Jake is a beautiful chestnut Shetland pony and Milo is the dominant roan gelding. Both love to be fed carrots and apples.

Daphne & Vilma our two mother pigs who have a brood of piglets once a year. They will eat any scraps and the piglets are absolutely cute and gorgeous. Not forgetting Shaggy their wonderful husband!

Jim our  Kunekune pig are on a special training programme and we need your help. They are to sit for their favourite treats of carrots or apple and in return they will roll over and let you rub their fat tummy’s!

We have 5 sheep, Mary, Molly, Holly, Poppy & Ffion who are friendly, eat out of your hand, and they lamb in the Spring.

Ramsley the Ram likes to protect his harem.

Of course the chickens have to be fed and the eggs carefully collected. You can even pick one for your breakfast, you can’t get fresher than that!

You will meet our beautiful Springer spaniel dog 'Tom' Springer who loves plenty of attention and is good with the children, but don’t leave your ball unattended or he will run off with it - he won’t bring it back, but he will drop it when bribed!

 You may wish to bring your boots so you can enjoy a walk over the farm offering breathtaking views of the river, wildlife and open countryside. This also includes part of the Saints Way, an ancient path that stretches nearly 30 miles, and lies between Fowey on the South and Padstow on the North Cornwall coast. It's certainly a challenge for good walkers, but don't worry, there are less strenuous walks - after all, you are on holiday!